Erotica Challenge 4: Come and Take It

The Challenge by Gg and Nick:

1. Tie up
2. Anal
3. Ass licking
4. Tongue fucking
5. Spanking
6. Cock worship

1. Wanty
2. Explosive
3. Passionate
4. Pent up desire
5. Dominated
6. Seething

1. Love
2. Happiest place on earth
3. Cumslut
4. Cunt
5. Tight
6. Asshole
7. Fuck hole
8. Princess
9. Spank
10. Wanton
11. Bend

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This time around, I also realized that Monday next, when I post the audio, is Come and Take It Day, so I chose to work that into my challenge as well.

This is a bit different writing than I usually do. I look forward to your comments!

Come and Take It

“Hello Princess,” You croon. “You're not in my bed. Why is that?”

I begin to answer, but you cut me off.

“It doesn't matter why. This is very distressing to me,” you state. “I have plans for you right now.”

I don't know what to say. I know that no excuse will be accepted, so I remain silent.

“I am just not sure where I've gone wrong,” you murmur. I choke back some words. “Do I not love you enough?' you ask.

“Yes, of course you do,” I reply quickly before you can interrupt. “You love me more than anyone, more than I have ever deserved.”

“Tut, tut.” You wait until you are sure I am done with my little outburst. “I see that I've gone astray somehow. Perhaps I've not been clear about how this evening is to progress. That must be it. Well, let me explain it to you, in delicious detail.”


“Ah ah... That's enough out of you. I don't want to hear another word until I give you permission, do you understand me?”

Seething with frustration, I reply. “Mmmmhmmm.”

“Excellent.” You shift, to make yourself comfortable. “Oh, and I am going to get very graphic here as well, but I don't want you to touch yourself. AT ALL. Not if you get an itch, not if a fly lands on you, nothing. The next hands on your body will be mine. You needn't respond to me, I know you understand.”

I feel your eyes boring into me as they have a hundred times before. I feel you sucking me in, getting lost in the tone and tempo of your voice.

“You'll walk to me, no, no... that’s all wrong. You'll shed every stitch of clothing and crawl to me on your hands and knees like the wanton woman you are. You’ll kneel before me, at my feet as I stand above you until I give you permission to rise. You'll behave as if I’m all that matters, that what I want and need tonight is law, because it will be so. You'll be utterly submissive.

“You'll sit back on your heels and slowly remove my belt and lay it on the floor beside you. You'll unbutton my pants with your lips and teeth, and unzip them the same way, letting them fall to the floor. You'll drag my briefs down with your mouth, again until they fall to the floor. And then you'll pause, sitting back on your heels as I step out of their binding and lay them aside.

“I will pet your hair, smiling down at you and praise you for a moment, before I raise myself up again, standing naked before you.

“My cock will be hard and strong, jutting out from me, craving your attention. You will look at my cock with love in your eyes. You’ll devour it with your glance, you'll adore it with your stare. You'll sit and quietly think of all the wonderful things you have to say about this cock that gives you so much pleasure.

“You'll then begin to worship my cock. You'll tell him how beautiful he is, how much you love him, how strong he is, how silky. You'll pet him with your hands and hold him, touching him with reverence, because you know that the better your worship, the higher the levels of pleasure you'll receive this evening. This is your prayer.

“After several minutes, you will end by asking my cock to fuck you hard tonight, to take his pleasure in you because you are his willing cumslut and you need it. You’ll say 'Please.' You'll then sit back and wait on my pleasure.”

“I'll reach down and pet your hair again, stroking you. I'll tell you to pick up the belt on the floor next to you, and wait until you do. Then my fingers will tangle in your hair as I lift you to your feet, turn you around in front of me and walk you to the bed. I'll bend you over the ramp laid on the bed, so your hips are up in the air and your upper body slopes down to the bed.

“With my hand pressing down on your upper back, I'll cuff you into place, your arms spread out. Once your wrists are secured, I'll spread your legs nicely as well, exposing you to me as I cuff each ankle to a corner of the bed, allowing just enough tether for you to stand.”

“Mmmm.” I can't help but moan now, softly. Just thinking of what you have in store for me sends thrills running through my body.

You continue, “In this position, your entire backside is accessible to me. Your arms are wide on the bed as you're held gently yet helplessly in place. Your legs are spread, open to me. Your lovely ass and cunt are fully available to me, to use as I choose. I love to see you in such a vulnerable state.

“Standing close behind you, I press my cock into the crack of your ass as I lean over to run my hands along your body. Stroking you, petting you, I play with your soft kitten skin, soothing you, raising your need for me to the surface. Rubbing into your flesh along your shoulders, your backbone and then down to your lush ass, my hands have a will of their own, sinking into you, learning you anew, discovering how your body wants to respond to me this evening.

“I will play for as long as I please, until I feel you are ready. How will I know, you ask. Oh, I’ll know as I always know. I’ll smell the heat of your arousal. Your skin will flush, and I’ll hear the catch in your breath as I toy with you, Then, and only then will I remove the belt from your hand, telling you what a good girl you are for holding it so well, for not letting go.

“Ahhh, yes. Even though you were not with me tonight at the moment I wanted you, you will be in that moment a good girl. You’ll be my good girl. Even so, you know what must be done. Don't you?”

“Mmmmhmmm.” I know better than to speak until you have given me permission. But oh yes. I know.

I hear you chuckle. “Very good. Unfolding the belt, I’ll swing it against my hand, getting the feel of it, learning to judge my stroke then I’ll begin. I’ll spank you properly, never hitting the exact same spot twice in a row, overlapping lashes of the belt until your whimpers escape from behind your teeth, your bottom is wiggling not matter how you try to hold still, and your cheeks are a lovely rosey red for me.”

“Ahhh,” a small sound escapes me as I’m lost in the scene you’re painting for me with your words.

“So lovely, your beautiful red bottom...” Your voice trails off for a moment. “Mmmm,” you continue, “I’ll sink to my knees behind you, my nose even with your sex, and lean close to you, inhaling. You’ll smell so warm and fragrant. I’ll be able to almost taste your need on my tongue as I drink the scent of you in. Placing a hand on each cheek, I’ll feel the pain simmering just below your skin, hear your sharp intake of breath as I spread your cheeks wide, opening you even further to me.

“Staring at the options available to me, I’ll smile to myself. It matters not which I choose. I will have both. I lean forward to lap at your pink lips, sliding my tongue quickly into you. Your tight fuck hole is so wet and greedy for me, I can feel you try to push back onto my face, but the restraints hold you tightly in place.

“Savoring the taste of you, I’ll push my tongue deeper and deeper, pressing my chin against your sensitive clit, breathing in your earthy scent as I slide my tongue in and out of you, feeling your muscles tighten around me, hearing your small sounds of pleasure from far away as they are muffled by your teeth biting into the ramp.

“I want to take you there. I want to feel your passion, your need for me to match mine for you, to surpass it. I want you to swear to me that you will never make me wait again.

“I know it won’t take long before I feel you give a small shudder on me. My chin on your clit and my tongue in your cunt will take you where I want you, and I’ll know you’re ready to come soon. But I’ll stop, lifting my head away. I’ll smile at the groan of agony you won’t be able to hold back.

“I’ll wait, until I see your body loosen again, your muscles visibly relaxing against the cushion. Then I’ll dive back down, slide the flat of my tongue up from your clit, over your lips and across your asshole, covering every last millimeter of your pussy and asscrack, licking you thoroughly, feeling you squirm below me. After I have wetted you, I’ll slide back to tickle your puckered bud with the tip of my tongue.”

“Ohhhh.” I groan at the thought, and barely remember not to speak. You know I love it when you tongue my ass.

“I know when I do that you’ll try to buck back up onto my tongue, and when you do, I’ll push forward into you, sliding my tongue deep, tasting your saltiness, exploring your depths, so different from your sweet pussy. It’s so much more raw, more carnal.

“I'll let one hand fall from your ass, leaving the other to keep you spread wide to my questing, and I’ll slide one finger, then two into your slippery cunt, sliding them slowly in and out, dragging them along your g-spot with every move, matching the pace of my tongue slipping into you.

“I know you’ll begin to shudder on me almost instantly, and I’ll pull out again. Watching, waiting for you to relax. You must know by now that tonight there will be no pleasure that I do not completely orchestrate.

“As you relax, I’ll begin again, building to your peak, moving my tongue and fingers in tandem, my knuckles brushing your clit with each thrust. As your body tightens below me this time, I’ll pull back, forcing extra spit out of my mouth, leaving it on you as I stand up behind you. My fingers, soaked with your juices, slide out of your cunny. Pushing gently against your quivering, needy asshole, they slide right in as you relax for me, opening up to me, allowing me to press in until my knuckles prevent me from going further.

“By this point, I know you’ll be panting and writhing below me, as much as you can with the limited movement you’re allowed. I’ll press into you hard. Once, twice, then lean down to spit on you, lubricating you further, so that I can press a third finger into you. Yes. I’ll know it is time, then.

“Pulling back out of you, and once more letting a gob of saliva fall on you as I rub my pre-cum over the tip of my cock, I position myself at the entrance to your ass, and slide carefully in, letting you adjust to my length and width.

“Ohhh, god baby, I’ll be gentle, but it’ll be so hard. Feeling your ass gripping my cock so tightly, I’ll have to begin to fuck, to pump in and out of you, and I know you’ll love it, too. I know you crave me filling your ass, and you'll be sooo needy by that point. Needy like me. You'll be so tight, clenching on me rhythmically as I thrust into you, my balls bouncing against your dripping cunt as I hear you moan below me. Oh fuck, it won't take long. When you begin to spasm on me, I won't hold back. I'll explode deep into you, filling your ass with my load as I land a hard smack on your ass and we cry out together, cumming in unison. Fuuuuuuuuck.”

You gather yourself together again. “That is what I want from you. Only one word will suffice. An answer to my question. Are you ready to make this wrong right?”

Of course I answer, “Yes.”


You hang up the phone.

My need is boiling inside me, I did not touch, I’ve had no release and neither have you.

I set my phone down and look around the office, thinking for a split second of the work I thought was so important earlier, then brushing it aside in my brain.

Standing up from my chair, I walk to the door and leave work behind, heading to where I should have been all along.

Heading to the happiest place on earth.

Walking down the hallway to you, to our bedroom, shedding my clothing as I go.

Erotica Challenge 1 Audio: City of Love

An audio file of my third Erotica Challenge story, City of Love:

I have recorded it in MP3 format for your listening pleasure. It is about 20 minutes long. I hope you will enjoy, and give me your feedback.

Click here to download/listen to City of Love.

I am making these audios available as free erotica podcasts.

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Challenge Calendar, The Official News.

Ok, I am going to start this blog post, and make a point of keeping it updated with the challenges I get from all my different sources, and to keep them in order as well.

Oct 8, 2008, Feral:
1. Soft Caress
2. Trailing fingers
3. Gentle Kiss
4. Gentle Nibbling
5. Slowly Sucking Deeper
6. Licking
7. Squeezing
8. Biting

1. Slow Building Desire
2. Passion
3. Deep Seated Desire
4. Overwhelming need to cum

1. Spontaneous Combustion
2. Love
3. Gentle Rock of the Yacht
4. Gentle Breeze
5. Sunset

Oct 15, 2008, AKindGentleSir:
1. Oral Sex
2. Anal
3. Orgasm Denial
4. Blindfold
5. Nipple Clamping
6. Cum Swalowing
7. Rimming
8. Massage

1. Seperation
2. Need
3. Lust
4. Wantoness
5. Humiliation
6. Touch of Uneasiness

1. Craving
2. Trembling
3. Cock
4. Ass
5. Whimpering
6. Begging
7. Salivating
8. Sated

Oct 22, 2008, SexOnTheBeach:
1. Thrusts
2. Fondles
3. Pinches
4. Up against a wall
5. Nibbles
6. Inhales
7. Penetrates
8. Treasures
9. Grazes
10. Shrieks

1. Exacerbate
2. Enliven
3. Aroused
4. Elevated
5. Breathless

1. Savor
2. Relinquish
3. Thrash
4. Encounter
5. Inspire
6. Piercing
7. Intoxicated
8. Whimper
9. Stimulate
10. Soothe
11. Tiptoe
12. Oil
13. Candles/Wax

Oct 29, 2008, Umpire:
1. Oral Sex on the woman, to a climax
2. Light bondage
3. Woman taking total control
4. Slow deep thrusting
5. Sensual build to massive orgasm

1. Woman riding, reverse cowgirl
2. Man eating, devouring
3. Fondling, teasing
4. Building of passion
5. Orgasms at same time

1. Cock
2. Pussy
3. Pre-cum
4. Thick
5. Explosion

Nov 5, 2008, Kiwi:
1. dry humping through clothes
2. feeling each other all over
3. rolling about
4. hard but loving sex
5. him performng oral
6. her peforming oral

1. Long day
2. campfire
3. starlight
4. romance
5. caring

1. ankle earrings
2. firebugs
3. venus
4. smokey eyes
5. silverlight
6. clips

Nov 12, 2008, zb:
1. stripping off seductively
2. watching
3. fingers in pussy
4. using vibe
5. tongue in pussy
6. lips on cock
7. finger rimming ass / pushing gently in
8. cumming (I ll leave where to you)

1. lust
2. exhibitionism
3. voyuerism
4. shamelessness
5. wreckless wild abandon

1. webcam
2. clit
3. sofa
4. glass coffee table
5. pussy
6. cock
7. mouth
8. straddle
9. breasts
10. thighs
11. peanut m&m s

Nov 19, 2008, Anonymous:
1. Fingering of the female sexual organ
2. Oiling up ass
3. Spanking (bare-handed)
4. Anal sex
5. cumming in ass
6. Teasing of the body

1. Controling
2. Nurturing
3. Loving
4. Anal
5. Caring

1. Cock
2. Anal
3. Juicey
4. Pant
5. Slut
6. Bitch
7. Yelp
8. Ass
9. Cock whore
10. Suck

Nov 26, 2008, Anonymous:
1. walking around naked - catching sight of another visitor coming ashore from a yacht
2. Up against a palm tree fucking
3. Diving on the reef
4. fucking underwater
5. watching him sailing away on his yacht

1. feeling alone
2. thrill of discovery
3. raw passion explodes
4. connecting on a primeval level
5. animalistic fucking
6. sadness

1. 'Watch out for that coconut'
2. animal
3. slippery
4. trunk
5. constriction

Dec 3, 2008, Ambrose:
1. Hypnosis
2. Seduction
3. Kissing
4. Following him to his room
5. Stripping for him
6. Undressing him
7. Losing control

1. Dreamy
2. Uncontrolled
3. Free
4. Helpless
5. Unreserved

1. author
2. helpless
3. obey
4. erupt
5. voice

Dec 10, 2008, SinInMe:
1. cum swapping
2. eye contact
3. kneeling
4. nibbling perineum while probing anus
5. speaking in tongues
6. spreading legs slowly
7. whispering dirty phrases
8. riding him
9. straddling his face
10. teasingly stroking public hair

1. helplessness
2. madness
3. torment
4. unspeakable shame
5. absolute ecstasy

1. altar
2. pagan
3. sacrilege
4. shameless
5. sinful
6. soul
7. spasm
8. surrender
9. testicles
10. torment

1. "feed me your cum"
2. "your wife"
3. "your most holy vows"
4. "sink you up into me"
5. "open to me, sweetheart"
6. "drink"
7. "forever"

December 17, 2008, masika {L}:



masika {L} asked if she could also provide a photo with her challenge, and I thought it would be a fun option, so here is the picture that goes with this challenge:

Erotica Challenge 3: City of Love

The Challenge Sent by Chewie 360:


1. Voyeurism
2. Masturbation
3. Public/Semi public sex
4. Cum swallowing
5. Flashing

Words to describe the feel

1. Risk
2. Extreme excitement
3. Teasing
4. Desperation
5. Slutty

Words to work into the story

1. Strut
2. Cathedral
3. Teeth
4. Pouty
5. Skirt
6. Pig tails
7. Sconces
8. Velvet
9. Echo
10. Repentance

Wonder how this works? Click here for the rules to the Erotica Challenge...

The City of Love

Groaning, I look at the clock... 6am. I reach over to shut off the alarm and nudge you. All I get is an incoherent grunt. Shaking my head, I sit up and swing my legs off the edge of the bed. At least I didn't have anything to drink. Looking fondly back at you, I figure I'll let you sleep as I shower.

Smiling, I think back to yesterday when you tried in vain to climb into the shower with me. We laughingly decided that shower was not the proper term for a small box with water falling from one side. We agree the British have the right idea with the term 'water closet.'. Apparently, Europeans take economy of space very seriously, even in our spacious suite.

Gack, it's 6:05, and I am still sitting on the edge of the bed. Way to early after the long night we had. High on our first full day in Paris, we paid no nevermind to jet lag and got amazing recommendations for a restaurant and a jazz club for our evening entertainment.

Despite that I am generally not a huge fan of jazz, drinking, or smoke-filled rooms, we were out well into the wee hours, carousing and speaking broken Frenglish with the natives, making new friends we planned to meet this afternoon.

Which, of course meant that we'd have to go to the early Mass at Notre Dame. Sighing, I look back at the clock. 6:07. Well, we made a deal, and the prospect of meeting Jean and Nathalie later in the day is an appealing one. Two sexier people we could never hope to meet in a single day. We both agree.

One more shake and I am up, only 8 minutes behind schedule.

Back and freshly showered in record time, I see you are still blissfully snoozing the day away. Climbing carefully on top of you, I begin to rub my showered and scented body all over you, kissing, licking, biting.

I can feel that parts of you are awake, if not yet coherent. Smiling, I slide down your body, taking you into my mouth as you moan. Sucking at you greedily, I feel you throb to full hardness between my lips.

Glancing up, I see you raise yourself on your elbows to watch me.

“Mmmm,”I moan around you before raising myself up. “You awake?” I ask.

“Oh yes,” you reply.

“Good,” I giggle as I hop off the bed. Walking over to my outfit laid out on the chair, I say over my shoulder, “Because it's time to get up and get dressed for our big day.” I smile wickedly.

You drop back down the bed making sounds of dismay. Throwing a clean towel at you, I say “Oh stop being such a baby. I promise I'll give you some after our sightseeing.”

“I'm sure I can't wait that long,” you moan. “You're such a tease. You're going to kill me.”

“Well, we can’t have that,” I purr. “Perhaps if you are a very good man, you'll get some before then.”

I see your eyes light up with the possibilities. I grin and push you to the shower as you rise.

As you shower, I get dressed, looking outside to a glorious day beginning. I slip on a white cotton thong under dark washed fitted jeans, a white tank to match, and a soft stylish blazer as comfortable as it is good looking. Not wanting the bother of styling my hair, I comb it carefully into pigtails low on each side of my neck, and slip in a pair of silver hoop earrings before donning my black wool cap.

You are just stepping out of the shower, so I hand you your clothing for the day; an easy, casual wardrobe we picked out for this trip. Clothing that you feel comfortable in, but that also help is fit in without sticking out immediately as Americans.

I've noticed that as much as you grumble about “dressing up to walk around old buildings,” you love the attention you've gotten from the French ladies in our short stay... The next four days may just make a believer of you.

Dressed smartly and ready to face the world, we head out. We chose Hotel Ville D'Estes because of it's position right in the middle of the Latin Quarter. We are just a hop, skip and a jump from The Louvre, Notre Dame, and our other destination for today, Le Jardin de Luxembourg.

It's still early and a bit breezy as we hit the streets, so we grab a cab to the Ile de la Cite and Notre Dame cathedral. We take the opportunity to canoodle in the back seat for the ten-minute ride. My hand on your lap feels a re-swelling of your excitement as you give me that look of yours. The look of need. I grin at you, and making sure that the drivers eyes are on the road for once, I flash you a breast, nipple hardening instantly in the cool air.

Just as I cover myself back up, the driver takes his eyes off the road yet again to watch us and make smart comments in French. I am assuming by his tone and the smattering of French I know that he is amused by the two Americans in the City of Love.

I wish he would keep his attention on the seriously cramped streets and his wayward driving, but we reach our destination alive, and we pay the man thankfully. He says perhaps the only English phrase he knows, “Lovers, yes?” as he winks then drives away.

Turning to you, I smile, and you laugh out loud pulling me to you tightly. “Lovers, yes,” you say in a low voice before kissing me deeply. I can feel your excitement pressing into my hip, and I push myself into you as your tongue slides deftly into my mouth.

I moan softly as your hand rises to the back of my head and tangles in my hair. After a few moments, you step back and adjust yourself with a rueful smile. I can read your thoughts, it's going to be a... difficult... morning.

I grin again.

We join the throng of people heading into Mass. So many people for a weekday morning. I am amazed. As we enter the doors of Notre Dame holding hands in the crush of the faithful, the first thing that strikes me is the echo of hundreds of voices bouncing back. Some of the echos are crystal clear, others are soft and muffled as if being sent back from hundreds of years in the past.

The grandeur of faith is breathtaking to me. The immense stained glass windows filter colored light into the interior, and I imagine I can see the dust of ages swirling in the upper reaches of the hall. The velvet ropes that guide us to our seats, the traditional sconces illuminating our way all project a solemnity, a spirituality I can't fully comprehend. I am silent as I try to take it all in.

I am distracted as I wander forward with the herd, until your hand tugging gently at me pulls me in another direction. I look around, and realize that you are pulling me towards the rear of the rows of seating for the service. The seats are curious, like a cross between wooden folding chairs and benches. We slip into one very near the back, and move to the center of the row.

You put your arm around my shoulder, and we chatter as we wait for the service to begin, pointing out this and that to each other.

Once the service is started, we listen for a while. I find Mass to be a wondrous ritual, although my mind wanders. First, I notice to myself that there is no one sitting near us. Everyone is much closer to the front. Then I glance over at your lap, and see that your excitement has not in the least diminished, which makes me blush and squirm a bit.

This catches your eye, and you look at me. I wink and look down, directing your eyes to my lap. As your eyes follow my directions down, you see my thighs rubbing gently together and my hand in my jacket pocket pulls out a small plastic box of some sort. As my finger flicks across it and I move a bit more, my lips part to let out a small breath of air.

I smile as I see your eyes widen in recognition... the butterfly. I didn't tell you I was bringing it with me to Paris, and honestly I was almost busted when they searched our bags at the airport. Luckily the young man who searched mine understood it was meant to be a surprise.

Your face heats as you realize that you are watching me masturbate in a Catholic church, with people everywhere, in the middle of Mass. Sliding my thighs back and forth against each other, I slowly adjust the vibration of the butterfly up, bit by bit, until I can barely sit still. I actually look around, feeling the blood throbbing in my skull, amazed and gratified that no one seems to notice.

I know my face is flushed, I can feel the heat. My eyes are bright. Your hand steals to your own crotch, to touch and stroke yourself through your slacks. I can see your hard outline through the soft wool, and I turn up the vibrations one last time. Slipping the remote back into my pocket, I reach out for your free hand, and grasp it, holding it tightly.

My lower lip is caught between my teeth, and it draws your eyes for a moment before you slide them up to lock on mine.

Shaking so hard, I expect to hear the row rattling below us, I cum, clenching your hand in a vise-like grip as I shudder into orgasm. I am swept up in the enormous feelings inside me as I feel you lift me to my feet for the hymn. Neither of us sing in French, so we simply stand. Using your hand in mine for support, I manage to make it through the first song without my knees giving way.

During the second, I gather my wits about me again and straighten, reaching into my pocket to turn the butterfly off. As Mass ends, and everyone begins filing out, I step forward and take the lead, a sensuous strut swaying my hips before you. I feel you falling back a bit to take in the view and grin to myself.

I blink as my eyes adjust to the sunshine. The day has warmed, but the soft breeze keeps it from being hot as we decide how to progress with our day. We left the hotel without stopping for breakfast to make the 8:00 am Mass, so we agree that some food is definitely in order.

We decide to walk the mile and a half back across the bridge towards the Latin Quarter and le Jardin de Luxembourg, our last stop today before some lunch and an afternoon meeting with our new French friends.

We find a lovely little sidewalk café to have a nice meal, and settle in to chat and do some serious people watching. As I am tucking into my Croque Monsieur, I see your eyes riveted by something, and turn to see what has drawn your attention.

I see the backside of a well-dressed French lady in a snug skirt strolling by. A bit on the plump side with a tiny waist whittled away by the tailored clothes she is wearing, she offers a drool-worthy walking performance before she turns the corner.

I laugh, and you see that I have caught you out. You blush. I wink.

I love that you love women. And I love that you are all mine, heart and soul. I blow you a kiss and get back to my meal.

We finish our stroll to le Jardin, and arrive just in time for one of the guided tours around the castle. I think perhaps our light meal has woken you. Throughout the entire tour, you brush up against me every chance you get, pushing your semi-hardness into my ass as we stand listening to one droning historical fact or another.

The surroundings inside the palace are luxurious, and I can't help but imagine you taking me in a multitude of ways over, on and under the many priceless antiques scattered about each chamber.

It is certainly one of my favorite visits to a castle, ever, yet I don’t think I remember a single fact as our tour is finished and we are set free into the gardens themselves.

We wander about, enjoying the day, playing touchy-feely and grab-ass as the tension mounts. You have not yet had your release, and my pressure is building again. Something about this city…

Oh! Who am I trying to kid? It’s you. I always have to fight to keep my hands off you no matter where we are. I want you. I always want you. I try to stay sane as we meander, but the scent of you next to me is intoxicating.

As we reach the Fountain of Medici, you pull me to you in a hard embrace, passionate and needy. “I need you,” you growl. “I have had enough of these gardens, we can come back, I need you now.”

Then you kiss me. Your lips meet mine and sear into me, hot as a brand. Your tongue forces it’s way between my teeth, claiming me for your desire. Mmmm. You know I can’t resist you when you do that.

My head is spinning as you suckle at me, drinking me into you, pulling me tight, a hand on my ass pressing my pelvis tightly to yours as you grind against me. Your cock has sprung to full attention and I can feel it pressing at me demanding. It'll leave a bruise and I don’t care. I love it, this display of your urgency. It sends a rush of heat flashing through me.

I drop to my knees, tearing myself from your arms. I have no patience to wait, I crave you in my mouth. Here. Now.

Glancing furtively about, I see no one near. My fingers scrabble at your pants, and I reach in to free you into my waiting hands. So stiff, so full and throbbing already for me, you moan as I touch you, as the cool air washes over you.

As I lean down to slide you into my mouth, I am suddenly struck by a thought.

How many hundreds of assignations, raw and carnal like this have taken place here? How many ladies through the ages willing to play the insatiable slut for their men? How many have fallen to their knees in just this same position, for no reason but to please? I feel a kinship with the uncounted right now.

A hand tightens on my hair and I look up at you. My pink pouty lips are wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down as one hand holds you still for me. My other hand is curled around your hard thigh, following the movements of your hips.

Your eyes are hooded and your grin is desperate, even cruel, as you slide into my mouth. Your hunger is a force of nature. Love has stepped away for a moment, and lust has stepped into her place. He uses me as his tool, and I welcome it.

I close my eyes to concentrate, shutting out the rest of the park and the risk of being caught. I give myself to the moment, drowning in the sensation of you thrusting into me over and over. I perform my act of repentance, my atonement for hours of teasing and torture.

As I feel your cock swell to bursting, My clit is assaulted by the butterfly on it’s highest setting, making me moan around your girth. Feeling your head ramming into the back of my throat and my cries stifles as you grow yet again on my tongue. My hips buck and shake as my orgasm reaches its height just as you release your seed deep into me.

I swallow again and again, choking on the last bit and coughing as a small dribble runs down my chin. As your hand releases my hair, I pull back and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. Standing, I lick the back of my hand clean, watching you putting yourself carefully away.

You look at me with a grin on your face, then reach forward to slip the purloined remote back into my pocket.

You pull me to you for a quick kiss when the sound of laughter nearly makes me jump from my skin. A small group of college-age tourists come around the fountain, chatting in German, maybe? Not sure, but my eyes catch yours and we laugh together knowing how close we were to being caught.

Sitting on the edge of the fountain, catching our breath, we plan the rest of our day. A bit more exploration of the garden, then lunch and a trip back to the hotel to freshen, then an evening out with our sexy new French friends.

Your eyes sparkle into mine as we discuss it. The amorous possibilities abound in Paris, The City of Love.

Erotica Challenge 2 Audio: Freedom

An audio file of my second Erotica Challenge story:

I have recorded it in MP3 format, for your listening pleasure. It is about 20 minutes long. I hope you will enjoy, and give me your feedback.

Click here to download/listen to Freedom.

I am making these audios available as free erotica podcasts.

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Erotica Challenge 2: Freedom

The Challenge Sent by an Anonymous Friend:


1. Teasing
2. Oral sex
3. Fucking while she’s on her stomach
4. Licking
5. Bondage (eg. tied)
6. Sensual pleasures (spanking, hot/cold, biting, pinching).

Words to describe the feel

1. Trust
2. Vulnerability
3. Lust
4. Freedom
5. Kinky

Words to work into the story

1. Crawling
2. Hot wax
3. Ice
4. Black corset
5. Feather
6. Surrender

Wonder how this works? Click here for the rules to the Erotica Challenge...


I am slowly roused from my slumber by your movements. Lying on my stomach with my face on the sheet, I drowse, smelling last night’s lovemaking. I smile to myself.

I feel you climb onto the mattress and pull me to the center of the bed. I am almost fully awake now, but I choose not to open my eyes, and let you position me as you wish. I trust you implicitly and I am feeling quite lazy this morning, so if you want to take charge I’m all for it.

Spreading me out on the bed, I wonder if you are setting me up for a massage. Musing to myself, I think how nice that would be to wake to. That little fantasy takes over my mind as I imagine the lovemaking possibilities on this languorous Sunday morning.

I almost miss it as you lift each foot and place cuffs around my ankles. You drop them back into place and I hear a click. Almost rousing myself, I begin to look up just as your hand touches my head, letting me know you’d prefer that I keep it down. Sliding your hand over my eyelids you let me know that you would also like me to keep my eyes closed.

Mmmm. No argument there. I am feeling lazy, after all.

A cuff is slipped around each wrist, and I am stretched out on the bed. More clicks and then silence. I realize with a start that you have bound me firmly into place. Everything was so gentle. Tugging lightly, I find I have very little room to move in this spread-eagled position.

I am too lazy to figure out exactly what you are up to, so I lay in passivity, waiting. I don’t have long to wait. I feel your presence in the room and hear you moving around me, walking over to my side of the bed and setting some items down on the side table.

I jerk in surprise as I feel the sheet below me suddenly start to move. You are pulling it out from under me, and I fight to keep my eyes closed. As the cotton slowly slides from under me, I feel a warm fuzziness, instead of the mattress cover below me. Wondering what it could possibly be, I start to grin.

Sportsheets! You bought them for me. I almost laugh with joy.

Since before we met, I have wanted a set of Sportsheets. Since I first laid eyes on them, I have thought they were pure genius. A fitted sheet made of a soft material like the fuzzy side of Velcro with cuffs and other accessories that hook into place, wherever they are placed on the mattress.

You must have put the Sportsheet on under the fitted sheet, and pulled back the corners to attach my bonds, before you whisked the useless cotton out from under me.

Testing the strength, I pull as hard as I can. I actually feel the mattress rise slightly, but the cuffs don’t give. I hear you chuckle. I’m sure you know exactly what’s going through my mind.

I fall back down to the mattress relaxing again, but am startled as I feel you sliding something under me yet again. You position it in place, and as I feel it begin to enclose around me, I realize that you are fastening the black leather corset onto my body. The tightness holds me in, constricts me as you reach under me to zip up the front.

I know you love this corset on me. How it pulls in my waist before my body flares back out to my hips and ass. I can only imagine how I must look to you now; not a stitch of clothing, except for this corset, alabaster skin silhouetted in an “X” on a fuzzy black backdrop, head turned to the side, eyes closed, and dark brown hair falling around me still mussed from sleep.

I feel your hands in my hair, combing it back from my face and up from my neck with your fingers.

Ahhh, how I love that.

You grasp my hair in back and gently twist it, laying it against my head and clipping it in place, out of your way.

Picturing it in my mind brings home the reality of it all. I feel somehow even more vulnerable to you now, with the corset on, than I did bound and naked. I try to grasp why. Is it because you took control of that as well? Decided I would not remain bare, but be adorned for your pleasure? I don’t know.

I let it go. Surrender, I tell myself. Just be in the moment.

The sounds of movement capture my attention, and I listen intently. I have no idea what you are planning, and if I am truly honest with myself, I probably won’t guess from just the sounds that you make. Smiling wryly, I still try. Doing something, even listening to determine your plan is easier than just waiting.

The bed dips a bit near my feet as you move onto the mattress, crawling up my body. Straddling my ass with your thighs, I can feel your member nestling between my cheeks.

Running a hand softly across my shoulders, you touch me, playing with a loose curl at my neck. As you shift your weight on me, you pull your hand back, and I feel a soft touch.

Tiny tendrils flow across my skin, tickling, teasing. I feel a light and airy touch, just enough to raise my senses to the surface, to make my flesh rise to meet you. As it slides across me, brushing gently against my body, I realize that you must have pulled out the ostrich plume.

I relax into the feel of it dragging across my skin, tingling and heightening my senses. You draw me more fully into a full awareness of my limbs stretched out, so much surface exposed to you. You run the feather along each arm, my upper back, down each leg and softly tease the most sensitive areas on the backs of my knees and inner thighs. As you move the tendrils slowly over my lips I can feel my body responding, opening to you. My juices leak out onto the edges of the feather as you brush it over me.

I begin to squirm a bit as you tickle, and the feather is gone. I make a small mew of disappointment before I feel your warm hands begin to caress me in the same pattern as the feather, running over every inch of my exposed flesh, even sliding below my limbs, massaging me, relaxing me even further as I make contented sounds, a lot like purring, deep in my throat.

As you work your way up my inner thighs, I feel my heat expand yet again in anticipation of your touch, but you slide right by barely touching, taking your hands to the globes of my ass, where you knead deeply into my plushness.

Despite my arousal I am feeling like I could nod off at any moment, drowsy, until a sharp slap on my ass brings me to myself. I arch my back nearly jumping in my surprise, letting out a small cry.

Another slap and another, never in the same place, but overlapping, spreading the warm heat evenly across my bottom. Slowly, you build up the strength of each strike, until your blows are nearly full force when you finally stop.

Your body shifts against mine as you reach for something from the bedside table. I wait, panting softly. I feel a small stab on one cheek, then another, and another before the piercing cold of an ice cube is smoothed around my hot skin. Melting, dripping and wetting the surface of my ass, drops of water roll down my curves.

Sighing in relief as the cold liquid turns soothing, I wiggle under your palms as your smooth the wet over me.

Another open palmed blow stiffens me and forces a cry from my mouth. Ahhh. The sting of a thousands nettles hits me over and over again, as again you work your way over my bottom, this time with a wet palm striking damp flesh. You continue until you have covered the surface completely, and my eyes are leaking tears.

Sitting back on me again, you rub the pain into me. At once soothing me and pushing the pain deeper into my body, into my bones, you transform the pain into sublime pleasure. Every now and again, you pause to pinch my tender bottom as you chuckle softly.

I want to ask you if there is more to come, but my pride is too great. Not only would I be admitting I’m close to my limit, but I would give you reason to punish me. I clamp my lips shut, only letting the small sounds of pain to leak through. The sounds you love to hear.

As you have rubbed me, my backside has dried. At least, I reason, if you choose to spank me again, my body will be dry. Then I feel you shift, and I think that perhaps you are re-wetting me. I clench my teeth in preparation, determined not to react.

I may have been prepared for ice, but I was most certainly not prepared for the drops of fire that begin to rain down on my ass, burning into my core like small coals. I am shouting the instant the first splatters fall on me.

I try to move my body around to escape, but I have no room, I can't escape.

I can tell I am only upsetting you, so I settle back down, biting the bed, trying to stifle my cries, to wipe the tears rolling down my cheeks.

I am infinitely grateful when it ends and your hands begin soothing me again. Feeling you sliding smoothly over me, I realize that you must have used the massage candles we bought last week. The hot wax from the candle turns into heated massage oil for lovely aftercare, which we thought was a wonderful idea.

As you rub the warm oil into me, I find myself agreeing that it is, indeed a wonderful idea. Mmmm. The languor of pain is running through me now, radiating out from my poor, abused ass to my thighs, my tits, my stomach, my groin... oh yes, my groin...

Leaning down over me you gently bite my shoulder, sending shivers through me as you rub yourself against me. The heat between my legs throbs for you, my need for you flaring.

I feel you shift again as you sit back up. This time, the ice cube is cool and soothing against my skin as you slide it down, down, down...

You pass the cube through the valley of my ass, as the melting fluid slides down to mix with my own juices. Slowly, slowly you rub it further along its path, gently slicking it along my lips as I moan. The cold of the cube is an amazing, sensuous contrast to the heat of my soft folds.

The ice feels almost hot against me, the trickling water sliding down me sends shivers through my body, and when you slip the cube inside, I let out a long sigh of pleasure. You use your finger to press it as far in as possible, then add a second cube.

Ohhh, I can feel them melting inside me, as I clench, holding them in, knowing you would not be pleased if they slip out before they are fully melted.

With one hand, you manipulate my lips as you add a third cube to my pussy, then pinch my lips shut with your fingers, holding them inside me. I feel you lean down, your hot breath on the small of my back as you kiss me softly.

As thorough with your kisses as you were with your spanks, you kiss away the pain, until all that is left is a soft warmth as you work your way down to the juncture where my ass meets my thighs.

Starting back up at my lower back, you retrace your path, licking and nibbling at me, taking your pleasure with my body as you continue to hold me closed, not letting the quickly warming water or my own juices spill out.

Ohhh. You know how I love to feel your tongue on me, and when you reach the crack of my ass and begin licking and biting at the delicate flesh there, I can't stay still below you. Pulling one cheek to the side with your free hand, you give yourself greater access to swirl your tongue over my little brown pucker, to nibble at the ring gently with your front teeth until you have me writhing below you.

Just then, I feel your tongue slide swiftly into my ass, wiggling around. I lift up and press back as much as I can within the constraints of my bonds. The pleasure is too great for me to withstand and I spasm below you, rocking on your tongue.

Almost immediately on the heels of that orgasm, you slide your mouth down to my cunny, slipping both hands under my hips and lifting me to your mouth, using your tongue and lips to lap up the melted water from inside me while your slightly rough chin presses against my clit, driving me again and again to orgasm on your face.

As I begin to slow, you move down still further to my clit, sucking gently, not letting me relax. My orgasms continue, rising and falling inside me, over and over, my nectar spilling out over your face.

I don’t know how long you make it last. It seems like forever, until I am simply lying below you, quivering. I am limp in blissful surrender.

You slide up my body, kissing up my ass to the lower edge of the corset, then picking your way through the laces to the top edge, finally reaching my neck. I can smell myself on you as you grab my ear between your teeth. Your hands are sliding over the leather encasing my body, pressing your hands into me, holding me tightly as you position your self at my entrance.

Growling into my ear, and holding me in place, you slide your length into me in one motion. I let out a ragged cry as you fill me, my cunt grasping at you tightly, trying to suck you deeper into me, my ass bucking back against you, pushing myself onto you, grinding back against you.

One hand moves from my waist to my hip, where you push me down into the bed, pressing your pelvis into me, covering me totally, completely. Smooth, steady strokes and you breathe in my ear, talking to me for the first time this morning, telling me how good I’ve been for you, how much you appreciate the gift I give you of myself.

Your pelvis rocks into me, pressing against my poor abused ass, making it burn and sting anew with your assault.

I am so filled with you right now, so enveloped by you, I can’t explain, A sob escapes me as tears roll down my cheeks. Your tongue licks at the salty trails, comforting me, sharing the pleasure of my pain with me as you fuck me so hard, so lovingly.

Your voice in my ear gets deeper, more raw. “I want you to come with me this time. I know you’re close. Are you ready for me?” you ask. I have barely stammered out my reply when you bark out “Now!”

I feel your cock throb and jerk inside me as you fill me. My own orgasm rocks me. I am shuddering and spasming on you, under you, writhing about in pleasure and pain. My cunt grips at you, clutches you, milking you dry with my need. I can feel you begin to soften, and I mourn the inevitable loss of you.

Rather than pulling out, you slide your body onto me, relaxing your weight so that my breathing is constricted for a moment until I adjust. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear as you lay on me and pet me, I am content.

Basking in the afterglow of orgasm and your after care I muse how ironic it is that it is when you have me so tightly bound, enfolded in your arms, unable to escape… that I feel the most freedom.

Erotica Challenge 1 Audio: My First Transgression

An audio file of this first Erotica Challenge story:

I have recorded it in MP3 format, for your listening pleasure. It is not studio-quality (in fact, it is my second attempt at audio), but I am learning. It is about 25 minutes long. I hope you will bear with me, and give me your feedback.

Click here to download/listen to My First Transgression.

I am looking into making these audios available as free podcasts.

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